Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New(s) Year

Hot Damn just got off tour with The Steal and Our Time Down Here. It was amazing. Thanks to everyone involved in making it one of the best ways to start the year!

The 7" from Hot Damn is eye-wateringly close to completion, we're hoping it will be in our hands within 2 weeks and in yours a couple of days after that. It has 2 new songs, "Let's do something cheap and superficial" and "The Bosun's Chronicle" (here is where i'd insert some kind of complimentary description of the songs which I can't be bothered to do right now but I assure you they're fantastic). They will be £4 (including p&p) and will come with a free digital download of the songs. Bonus! If you're interested in grabbing yourself a copy email us - with the title HD 7" and we'll mail you back when we have them. Here is the cover to wet your appetite -

I've set up somewhere for you to buy our wonderful products. Here you can get The North Pole's 'Exposition Vol.1' direct from us. Be quick though, we've sold over half of the limited pressing already!

We have a bunch of plans for the new year which we're very excited about, next on the at home to do list though is the CD release of 'Tharn' by Paper Aeroplane & Fall Of Efrafa which we should have details of within the next month. Watch this space.

Ok, i think that just about covers it. Bye!