Friday, June 30, 2006


AH005 : I am sparticles - meeting point CD

This is an acoustic recording project by Luke & Richard from Hot Damn, The Steal, The North Pole, etc... A short lived band, these songs were written and recorded around 2007. As much an experiment in uncharted territories for both of them, learning how to play their instruments & write songs together. Honest, personal lyrics about failed relationships, work, life and being beaten up. Limited to 20 copies, in a cardboard, handstamped sleeve with lyric insert.


AH004 : Paper Aeroplane / Fall OF Efrafa - 'Tharn' CD

"Tharn" is a re-imagining by Paper Aeroplane of Fall Of Efrafa's song, “Dominion Theology”. It was originally released on 300 Limited edition one sided LP’s with a screen printed B side, which sold out within a week of it's release.
This is the much anticipated CD re-press for those who missed it the first time around. CD is encased in a hand-screenprinted recycled cardboard sleeve with inserts illustrated by Alex from Fall Of Efrafa.

Reviews from and Maximum Rock 'n' Roll.


AH003 : Hot Damn - Let's do something cheap and superficial 7"

The first 7" from the instrumental wonder-kids Hot Damn, featuring the songs "Let's do something Cheap and Superficial" and "The Bosun's Chronicle".
For fans of - Pele, Tortoise, Do Make Say Think, Battles


AH002 : The North Pole - Exposition Vol. 1

A five song opus clocking in at just over 12 minutes. Angular, jerky pop songs played in tribute to the scientific endeavours of humankind. Recorded by the band themselves and housed in a hand-screenprinted cardboard sleeve (recycled of course!) this is a DIY gem limited to only 100 copies.


AH001 : Hot Damn - EP

Their first release, a 5 song EP recorded entirely by the band at home. The first pressing was a limited run of 50 CDRs with 100% hand-made spray painted sleeves. The second pressing of 200 was 80% hand-made but still extremely time consuming and good-looking. The third and forth(?) pressing is when it got silly. CD now definitely, totally, absolutely sold out.

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