Sunday, July 04, 2010


With a new studio set-up comes a new picture of space on the website and some really interesting news. Things like - THARN is totally sold out & has been for ages, Fall Of Efrafa has now also split up... they are a great band and real good friends so it was sad to see them go. They played for the last time up the road from us & we recorded it... that recording may surface at some point on here, who knows.

Luke & I have both been undertaking a number of projects whilst we've been quiet on this here website. These aren't limited to but include finishing off the last Hot Damn recordings and the last North Pole recordings that we did, both of which will see a release before the end of the year.

Paper Aeroplane has also got a number of projects lined up that we're keen to crack on with.. mainly based around the power of 10. We're hoping at some point soon a final version of the Swimming Pool film that Paper Aeroplane did the soundtrack for will turn up... for now though here is the final version of the audio -

Paper Aeroplane - Swimming Pool by At Home


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I hadn’t realised it had been so long since a post had been made on here, nearly half a year!

I just uploaded the first completed song of my solo venture. It seemed apt to feature it here because it was done in my bedroom. More will follow soon; as I’ve just found a better way of setting up my recording stuff (in a drawer).

Initially it was meant to have me singing vocals on it but I found the first attempt so shocking to listen back to I deleted two hours worth of takes and tried to pretend it had never happened...

Monday, December 21, 2009

4D Experience

Here we are recording Paper Aeroplane's soundtrack to the short film Swimming Pool in the front room. I am in the Keyboard Corner and Rich is in the Looking Chair. Hopefully this is going to be expertly synced with the film and made available on hi-tech DVD format. Yes, sound + video (at the same time!).

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

painful sensory journey through limbo

Aurelien kindly reviewed Tharn for a blog he writes for, W-Fenec. I fed it through google translator and this is what was said -

Between the second and third installment of the trilogy "The Warren of Snares", there were concerts, lots of concerts, pending necessarily much expectation on the part of fans of the group but also an exit, confidential under fairly eloquent Tharn. Behind it lies a rearranged version of "Dominion Theology," bubbling and the striking centerpiece of Elil reinterpreted by a pair of responding to nick Paper Airplane (who contributed a few months later to record the last part of trilogy: Inle) and output in a cardboard sleeve edition recyclable (what's more normal from the Fall of Efrafa, ecologists believe.) and limited to a few hundred copies of the English label: At Home Records.
Reviewed and corrected in precisely 15 minutes and 38 seconds against more than twenty in its original version, "Dominion Theology" nevertheless retains a startling ability to overwhelm the listener postcore ground swells crashing over and over cons Coral melodic carved in stone. We will not play by the play of differences and similarities between the original and reinterpretation by cons, we can say that work has rarely been so well understood and assimilated to propose a rereading of both faithful and personal (paradox when you hold us). For over a quarter of an hour, Paper Airplane appropriates with the relevant original material composed by Fall of Efrafa him and live a parallel existence, which resembles the first but not quite the same. Intense, refined and melodic, powerful, angry and pest, the "Dominion Theology" soothes, bristles and finally we embarked in a moving but painful sensory journey through limbo of post-hardcore.

Thanks Aurelien!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Road

Paper Sauna experiments.
We performed our live score over the weekend, Lindsay came and helped out. Masses of power was consumed and plenty of coffee was drunk. Plans are afoot for more in the near future. Thanks to Paul at the mixtapes project for sorting it all out and a notable mention goes to Audiobunny.

Also, in other news... Grouper.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communal Giving

Soooo... you know a while ago we had that thing, putting up songs by that band Luke & I did years ago, then people could order it and we'd make all the CD's and stuff and it'd be great. Well, 8 months later and we've finally made the CD's. It's great. It's kinda weird doing all this so long after we actually wrote and recorded this stuff, but i'm still really proud of the songs and we always wanted to do something with it... So, what we've done is make 20 of the CD's, a bunch of them have already gone but the rest we've stuck up in our shop for sale... They're £4 all in, wherever you are. We've also put it up as a download, so chuck yourselves in.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In addition to the last piece of news, two songs recorded live at the last show Hot Damn played are now available to listen to on their myspace page


ALSO. Luke & I have recently been working on a new Paper Aeroplane endeavor... Working in collaboration with the Mixtapes film project, we will be performing a live score to Mixtape No. 6 - Swimming Pool. This is part of of the Cine City Film festival at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Brighton on Sunday the 29th of November... there are a couple of films being shown that evening & the whoe thing kicks off at 6 o'clock.