Friday, January 16, 2009

730Radio: it's like radio but technically it ain't.

Once a Studio (loose definition) refurbishment has been realised I reckon a shiny new edition of 730Radio will be on the cards pretty soon…

You may be aware that I have a very limited brain capacity and would love it if the almighty internet could help me out with some mind expanding knowledge. A chance to flex your superior intellect. Yeah? Please… I will send you thoughts of gratitude as a reward; I will even send them recorded delivery. If we had mugs with 730Radio on I would definitely send you one of those, unfortunately we don’t, so I can’t, but I would, if I could, but as I said earlier, I can’t, stop.

As superfans you already know about 730radio’s library of hot features.

Feature rack:

Fact of the Week
Tip of the Week
Things you should be worried about
Pop Kitchen (a one track selection from pop obscurity)

So yeah, if you’ve got five minutes to kill, how about slinging us a life changing fact, or an indispensable tip your Great Aunt told you whilst traversing the Sahara? Maybe you've got a better feature hidden up your sleeve? I doubt it though, the feature rack is probably perfect.

Please send your copyright free gold dust to:

Thank you lots and lots. L.