Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from At Home

Thankfully Rich went to the effort of providing us with a wonky (in a good way) Christmas Tree dutifully adorned with what Parents with better taste have donated to be stored in our loft for all but 2 weeks a year. We also have a healthy (and also wonky) tree from last year planted in the garden; we’ll have a Norwegian pine forest before you know it. Also, isn’t it amazing how carefully considered works of art can be quickly improved merely with the addition of a tinseled border?

We almost got our neighborly Christmas cards out in time this year, but we were pipped to the post at the last minute and therefore made to look like we’d forgotten all their names from last year and were just waiting for a reminder before sending our card. Damn.

Well, even if you aren’t busily decorating a tree, which under normal circumstances you would never contemplate installing next to your TV for fear of increased fire risks or getting pine needles in your socks, we hope you enjoy a relaxing and fruitful ‘Holiday’ period.

At Home