Sunday, July 04, 2010


With a new studio set-up comes a new picture of space on the website and some really interesting news. Things like - THARN is totally sold out & has been for ages, Fall Of Efrafa has now also split up... they are a great band and real good friends so it was sad to see them go. They played for the last time up the road from us & we recorded it... that recording may surface at some point on here, who knows.

Luke & I have both been undertaking a number of projects whilst we've been quiet on this here website. These aren't limited to but include finishing off the last Hot Damn recordings and the last North Pole recordings that we did, both of which will see a release before the end of the year.

Paper Aeroplane has also got a number of projects lined up that we're keen to crack on with.. mainly based around the power of 10. We're hoping at some point soon a final version of the Swimming Pool film that Paper Aeroplane did the soundtrack for will turn up... for now though here is the final version of the audio -

Paper Aeroplane - Swimming Pool by At Home