Friday, February 13, 2009


The Hot Damn 7" records are now (finally!) available to buy, they came out looking real good (thanks) sounding real good too (thanks also). They're only £3 (+ p&p) and come with a free digital download of both songs. Head over to the shop to get your mitts on one. now.
We also have everything ready to start putting together Tharn, hopefully spending the weekend in the freezing cold studio screen-printing all the sleeves. It'll be out within 2 weeks. promise.

In the live music arena, Hot Damn and The North Pole are playing some shows soon -

Wednesday, 18th Feb - The North Pole are playing at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston
Friday, 20th Feb - Hot Damn are playing at the Freebutt in Brighton
Saturday, 21st Feb - The North Pole are playing at the Cowley Clubin Brighton. This is a part of the Brighton Zine fest...

...which on the Sunday is receiving a special 730Radio audio extravaganza courtesy of Luke and I. Get excited.