Friday, January 11, 2008

Uh, here are a few things that you might be interested in...

1) Hot Damn were mentioned on 6 Music the other day in a 'bands to look out for' segment apparently, and apparently they're not a real band... screw you Tom Robinson... Yeah, you better 'look out for that band' as they will find you and you will eat their noise-fist.

so, i think it was tuesday's show if you can be arsed to listen to it.

2) There is an mp3 of an I Am Sparticles song on the Bleeding Hearts Club myspace page, it's probably called something like, "oh no! I just dropped the radon..." It was performed just before Christmas at the Albert, in Brighton, and was part of their end of year show with about 9 'acts' performing. It was fun, especially getting pissed for free and only playing one song. We worked out that, that one song was worth about £30. we need to play a full show and take that shit on tour, we'll be raking it in...
It's Luke and I on guitars and our mate Gary on washboard.

ok, get back to work.