Thursday, January 31, 2008


+ 730 Radio - Show 2 is now up and online ready for your listening pleasure! think of it as a mixtape from us to you without any of the romantic undertones/overtones... just relentless talking instead.

+ Hot Damn - Played a gig in Copsale on wednesday and it was su-fucking-perb. Cheers to Jay for that one, and From Plan To Progress, Our Time Down Here and Take 'em Out who all ruled. Gorilla Biscuits covers on a wednesday night in a tiny pub in the middle of nowhere with a free dinner? yes please.

+ The CD has also found it's way out of our house and into some quite reputable establishments, ie. these ones -

The Punker Bunker in Brighton

Edgeworld in Brighton

Banquet Records in Kingston

Puregroove Records in London

Radical. Puregroove were even kind enough to give it 'album of the week' and say some very kind things. Which is all good stuff for sure. However this does mean we only have about 50 left of the second pressing of 200... when they're gone that's it, no more. hurry, hurry, hurry...

+ There are plans afoot for a couple of records from Hot Damn very soon including a split 7"... more news as we get it.

+ Synergetithesia - have been voted number 3 in the NME's "one's to watch" thing... just off one track, crazy.