Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm just listening to a band called This Town Needs Guns and despite sounding like they might have the words "brutal metallic assault" in their biography it's rather beautiful stuff in the vein of ghosts and vodka and pretty much anything kinsella related... but all rather indie-pop and not awkward at all, whatever that means, it's a good start to the morning i must say.

I also bought the new(ish) Career Suicide LP the other day after months of procrastination... Holy crap, when a record starts with this you know you're in for a treat.

Anyway, we've been slowly pottering away at some stuff our end, mainly...

+ Putting together the Paper Aeroplane CD, it's nearly all mastered and i'll be getting on to the artwork real soon.

+ a Paper Aeroplane collaboration with the majestic Fall Of Efrafa - when we know more we will let you know, but it's looking like it could be pretty special.

+ still recording the I Am Sparticles record, it's coming along... just very, very slowly.

+ planning our radio show, if we haven't already set ourselves enough to do we're going to start doing a monthly (maybe) podcast with some fine cuts from some fine bands. I'm sure it will be shambolic.

+ Thanks to everyone that has been buying the Hot Damn CD and been saying good things about it. Much appreciated.

+ Owen Richards is sexy.