Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Hot Damn CD is done! Here it is in all its ridiculously time-consuming glory... fantastic.

The first 50 in their very special completely hand-made sleeves are nearly already sold-out after their show last Saturday. So... we've updated the releases page so you can buy it through the world wide web, the future is here my friend. There is a button and if you click on that it will do pretty much everything apart from put the CD in your stereo and write a letter of gratitude to us for providing you with such wonders.

Ok, go there now.


In other news the 2nd track from Synergetithesia's opus, "Ready. Set. Go." called 'Set' is now available to stream from their site.

Be careful as it's not to be taken lightly this track, feet will move, heads will nod and muscles will be discovered in regions where you thought previously were barren of muscle tissue. Consult your GP before aural intake.